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Wladimir Palant

Wladimir Palant

My name is Wladimir Palant and developing software is both my day job and a hobby. I became fascinated by Firefox extension development in 2003, and my Adblock Plus extension became so popular that eventually I co-founded Eyeo GmbH to continue its development.

Category: Personal

Sparkling Adventures

I am a single mama travelling Australia with my four daughters. This is a record of snippets of our days. Extrapolate at your own risk!

Category: Personal

Regina Maier

Flauto Dolce

Category: Personal

Notepad theme

This is the “notepad” wordpress theme for textpattern.

Category: Personal

Web Designers' Review of Books

I created this site to try to help other designers decide what web-design-related books to buy. I hope it is useful, Please feel free to send a suggestion of a book to be reviewed!

Category: Personal

Janne Jämsén

Web designer portfolio

Category: Personal


Notes on design & creative stuff by designer Jonathan Rez

Category: Personal

Serge van Marion

Personal site in Dutch of Serge van Marion (culture marketing and theater productions).

Category: Personal