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Z Jamnikova

Z Jamnikowa

Family owned kennel in Poland breeding standard shorthaired dachshunds since 1994. Registered with FCI and Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce.


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The Hom

The Hom

Bringing you the next generation of indoor and outdoor furniture to consumers everywhere, offering beautiful, exciting, and stylish pieces that are comfortable for any décor and any budget. As a customer-centric company, we are committed to breaking down cost barriers by delivering durable construction and cutting-edge design at an affordable price.


Jessica Rousseau

Jessica Rousseau

Belgian Hat Designer in Bruxelles. Original creations, transformations, appointments only.


Colours: purple,dark

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CJ's Pasta

CJ's Pasta

Chefs Christian Gruber and David Cotelli established CJ’s Pasta in 1996. Christian and David are the inspiration behind the products created by CJ’s Pasta. Their knowledge and love of food, combined with passion and dedication is the driving force behind CJ’s Pasta’s success.


Bull and Bear

Bull & Bear Whiskey Bar and Taphouse

The Bull & Bear, Whiskey Bar & Taphouse, is the number one spot on the Monterey peninsula for entertainment, food and drinks.


Omnium Cars

Omnium Cars

We have around forty remarkable historic and classic cars for sale. Predominately these are from the great French Marques of the first half of the Twentieth Century but there are exceptional Italian and British cars too from the same period.


Colours: blue,white

Elegant Marbles

Elegant Marbles

The Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer of Quality Granites & Marbles – From our inception in 1984, we have grown to become one of largest and most trusted marble companies in India, witnessing over the years an incredible escalation in our offerings in terms of quality, volume and variety.


Colours: ivory,gold



The best coffee blends for cafés and household use, in beans and roasted. And a complete set of accessories.


Colours: brown,orange

Andama Galleries

Andama Galleries

The Baby Maker and Master artist Andama Dujon has been creating beautiful babies for more than a decade with hundreds now adopted across the globe.


Colours: yellow,black

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