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Z Jamnikova

Z Jamnikowa

Family owned kennel in Poland breeding standard shorthaired dachshunds since 1994. Registered with FCI and Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce.


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The Hom

The Hom

Bringing you the next generation of indoor and outdoor furniture to consumers everywhere, offering beautiful, exciting, and stylish pieces that are comfortable for any décor and any budget. As a customer-centric company, we are committed to breaking down cost barriers by delivering durable construction and cutting-edge design at an affordable price.


Jessica Rousseau

Jessica Rousseau

Belgian Hat Designer in Bruxelles. Original creations, transformations, appointments only.


Colours: purple,dark

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Alexipharmaque éditions

Alexipharmaque éditions

Official website of the French editor. Discover our catalogue: printed books and eBooks.


Colours: black,white

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Estudio Libres

Estudio Libres

Libres is a recording and mixing studio located near the geographic centre of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Colours: blue,white,black,grey

TXP Builders

TXP Builders

TXP Builders brings to you the experience and creative know-how of a group of Textpattern experts. We have expertise in web development, custom plugin development, graphic design, illustration, branding and printed materials, and of course – Textpattern – the elegant open-source content management system.



XConsult Web Design

XCONSULT WEBDESIGN & MEDIA, er et mindre webbureau der producerer kreative, internationale og responsive hjemmesider, grafisk design, online kommunikation samt dynamiske e-handelsløsninger, drevet af Freelance Webdesigner Henrik Holst Madsen.


Wladimir Palant

Wladimir Palant

My name is Wladimir Palant and developing software is both my day job and a hobby. I became fascinated by Firefox extension development in 2003, and my Adblock Plus extension became so popular that eventually I co-founded Eyeo GmbH to continue its development.


CJ's Pasta

CJ's Pasta

Chefs Christian Gruber and David Cotelli established CJ’s Pasta in 1996. Christian and David are the inspiration behind the products created by CJ’s Pasta. Their knowledge and love of food, combined with passion and dedication is the driving force behind CJ’s Pasta’s success.